Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool #9

It is very important for instructors to account for technology when lesson planning because the technology should serve as a useful tool for learning. Content must be the focus with technology being smartly inserted into the learning goals.

Accountability is important not only for the building of character in our students but also in the preservation of the devices themselves. Students need to understand the fact that technological devices are not toys but tools for learning. If I create 'centers' I divide into 3 different tech tool groupings and 3 "generic" tools where each have a set of open ended questions that students are to address. In this way students learn in different ways and it gives them options to expand their skill base.

Of the sites listed, I might like to use Museum Box since it seems to be an interactive way for students to take a small piece of history and expand their knowledge. Another interesting site is History Buff which allows students to research primary sources. As far as Apps- I really like the Smithsonian Channel for the iPad where I can create my own "channel" for student use.

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