Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool #10

Three things that I think students should understand regarding digital learning are safety in online communities, copyright laws and the proper use of educational technology. Grading essays or projects, I notice much plagiarism. Incredibly students seem to copy and paste entire assignments. I try to teach them about the importance of citing sources and paraphrasing works of others. The site bibme  is helpful for students in citing their resources. I think that online safety is especially important as "social networking" has become more popular in our lives. Students need to understand how to act online as well as advocate for themselves if they become victimized.
If teaching students about digital citizenship, Atomic Learning's courses on "netiquette," "online harassment" and "avoiding plagiarism" would be useful. Mini-lessons for each of these videos early in the semester to allow students time to process and practice with these important topics would also be practical.
As far as sharing this information with parents, sending home a letter at the beginning of the year describing what we are doing in class and then post updates on our class blog would be the way to go.

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